Applying for Assistance

Donations and sponsorships

We make donations to charitable community groups. Organisations that do not qualify for donations as a charitable organisation can still apply to OceanaGold for assistance in the form of sponsorships. In return we will expect that our contribution is recognised. For example, a group which has received funding from us may display our signage, or an organisation may give us a naming rights for a tournament. Individuals often write us letters of thanks.

How to apply for assistance

Organisations that do not qualify for donations as a charitable organisation can still apply to OceanaGold for assistance in the form of sponsorships. Assistance provided may be financial assistance or in-kind assistance. A sponsorship agreement requires the recipient to provide something to the sponsor in return for the assistance provided. For example, a recipient might display our signage at an event or give the company the naming rights for a tournament.

How to apply for assistance

Applicants are asked to download and fill in this form when applying for assistance.

Donation Application Form 2019

Applications for the current month must be with us by the 15th of the month. Applications received after this date will be considered at the next month’s meeting.

Please send your application to:
Community Investment Team
PO Box 190
WAIHI 3641

Please note that we require purchase receipts for our records.  This should be a copy of receipts for goods purchased for the donation amount. For example, if you have received funds for travel to a tournament, we will require a receipt for that travel.

How we allocate the funds

The community investment team meets in the last week of each month to consider the written requests that have been received by the required date. The team works within a budget and uses the following guidelines when considering applications:

  • The application is for an activity that will take place within this region and the benefits will be apparent in this area (usually but not exclusively “863” calling area).
  • The organisation requesting funds is used/supported by the community and provides services to the youth, aged, disadvantaged and/or needy.
  • The application will enhance educational opportunities.
  • The recipients have demonstrated an ability to help themselves.
  • The application is for individuals or groups who represent their school, community or region at recognised national or international events/competitions.
  • The applicant has limited opportunities to receive other substantial funding.
  • The project being funded will deliver sustainable benefits to the community.
  • The applicant has previously met the application criteria e.g. correct form and receipts.

The request may be declined for any of the following reasons:

  • The application will not provide a local benefit.
  • The assistance given would be used for a business or commercial venture.
  • We have provided regular assistance in the past.
  • The applicant has not provided enough detail in the request to enable the company to assess whether the assistance meets criteria to approve or decline the application, or the applicant failed to supply the completed form or receipts.
  • The project is deemed to be politically motivated.
  • There could be legal issues that could implicate OceanaGold.
  • The assistance requested is to be used to clear/help clear a debt.
  • The applicant has made no/little attempt to acknowledge any past assistance from OceanaGold.
  • The request is retrospective.

After the funding allocation meeting each applicant is informed in writing of the outcome of the request. Successful applicants for financial assistance are required to provide bank details to enable us to deposit funds directly into the recipient’s bank account.

Our community investment team then initiates procedures to requisition payments or arrange in-kind support. Reply letters are mailed out and a feedback form and self-addressed envelope are enclosed so recipients have the opportunity to rate our performance, make any comments and consider ways they might acknowledge the assistance we have provided.

Acknowledging the support

Appropriate public acknowledgment in return for the support we provide is expected. We have promotional banners. Recipients can collect these from us to display at the venue of the event or project. The OceanaGold logo can be supplied for inclusion in programmes, advertising or other written material. You may wish to provide a story to the media or mention our contribution in a newsletter, or you may have other ways you will to acknowledge our support.