Project Martha

Project Martha – Conditions for HDC Land Use consent – 202.2018.00000857

Project Martha – Conditions for HDC Subdivision consent – 201.2018.00000857.001


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Project Martha Community Meeting 11 March 2021

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Project Martha AEE Final


Appendix B Economics Assessment-RevA_Sense

Appendix C Existing Resource Consents Waikato Regional Council

Appendix D Visual and Landscape_Boffa Miskell

Appendix E Traffic Assessment_Traffic Design

Appendix F Noise Assessment_Hegley Acoustics

Appendix G1Vibration Assessment with plates and appendices_Heilig

Appendix G2 Vibration Volume 2_Heilig

Appendix H Groundwater Assessment_GWS

Appendix I Water Management-RevA_GHD

Appendix J Freshwater Ecology Boffa Miskell Amended Report dated 10 August 2018

Appendix K1 Heritage Assessment Part 1_RevA_Clough and Associates

Appendix K2 Heritage Assessment Part 2_RevA_Clough and Associates

Appendix L Air Quality Assessment-RevA_BECA

Appendix M Geotechnical Underground-RevA_AMC

Appendix N Subdivision Plan for Bulltown – Cambridge Roads

Appendix O Proposed Land Use Consent Conditions

Appendix P Pit Stability Assessment from the Martha Underground Mine_PSM

Appendix Q1 Pit Stability Assessment for the Phase 4 Cutback, Report and Figures-RevA_ PSM

Appendix Q2 PIt Stablity Assessment for the Phase 4 Cutback, Appendices-RevA_PSM

Appendix R Ground Settlement Assessment_Engineering Geology Ltd

Appendix S Geochemical Assessment_AECOM

Appendix T Hydrodynamic Assessment of Pit Lake_Hydronumerics

Appendix U Martha Pit Lake Management Strategy-RevA_AECOM

Appendix V Pit Lake Limnology Assessment_Hydronumerics

Appendix W Social Impact Summary_Phoenix

Appendix X Property Assessment-RevA_Telfer Young

Appendix Y Consultation Material